Expensive Presents for Climbers

It’s the Christmas season, which means we’re all dreaming of the expensive gifts which we haven’t a hope of receiving. As serious climbers ourselves, we’re always thinking about expensive toys. Here the climbing-related gifts we fantasise about (but don’t expect to receive, because all our friends are dirtbags).

If you aren’t a dirtbag, you could really make someone’s year by gifting one of the items below.

The New Petzl Nomics


Nomics are the best ice tools on the market for vertical waterfall ice climbing, hands down. Petzl released a new version this year with updated ergonomics and an adjustable handrest, as well as pick and hammer improvements. We’re salivating to get our hands on ’em — but at $300 PER AXE, we may have to wait a while

Buy ’em on Amazon for $300 ($600 for the pair)

Arcteryx Alpha SV Jacket


Arcteryx makes the best alpine hardshells, hands-down. Unfortunately, the price reflects this. It’s really hard to drop 3/4 of a grand on a jacket, no matter how good it is. We would jump for joy if someone gifted us this jacket — but we would never, ever buy it ourselves.

Buy it on Amazon for $775

New Black Diamond Camalots


Black Diamond has just updated their hugely popular Camalot C4s with a few new features. First, all models are 10% lighter. Second, and more important, the big sizes (#4, #5, #6), now can be stored retracted, meaning they take up a lot less space on a harness.

This is something climbers have been jerry-rigging for years by using sticks, but having this ability built-in, along with the weight savings, makes us want to update our racks.

Buy a new Number 5 Camalot on Amazon for $115

Buy a new Number 6 Cam on Amazon for $124

Camalot Ultralights


Even though the new standard C4s are lighter, the lightest is still the Camalot Ultralights. These are the best, most lightweight cams on the market. If you are looking to spoil someone, buy them these.

Buy ultralight C4s on Amazon ($90-$130)

6000 Meter Boots


Does your loved one dream of climbing big mountains, but doesn’t know where to start? Give them a kick in the pants with a pair of heavy-duty mountaineering boots, like the Scarpa Phantom 6000 or the La Sportiva Spantiks.

Eyes on Everest? Then You Need 8000 Meter Boots

olympus mons

ANYONE would be happy to get a pair of these puppies for Christmas. A pair of La Sportiva Olympus Mons costs $1,000. That’s a way to reallllllly show someone you love them. Nothing says “I love you” like preventing frostbite and lost toes!

A Top-End Climbing Rope


Even if your loved one already has a climbing rope (or three), they can always use another. Ropes have limited life-spans, and different types of ropes work better in different situations. No one will ever complain about having more tools in their toolbox.

This 60 meter Sterling bipattern, dry-treated rope is a great all-around choice.


If you have cash to burn but aren’t inspired by any of the above ideas, you could always just give your loved one a gift card to your local outdoor retailer. Try and support local shops, if they exist in your area. They will carry more high-end and specialised gear than a shop like REI or Decathlon.

Still, it’s always more fun to give a gift instead of cash. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this article, you can also check out our Gift Guide for Beginning Climbers, or our Gift Guide for Ice Climbers.

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