Best Belay Glasses for Climbing

Are you 20, but find yourself complaining to your friend sabout your bad neck? Feel like all those little bones are all crunched up and unhappy with you after every climbing sesh? You might be suffering from belayer’s neck, a common climbing ailment. The solution? Belay glasses. Yes, we know: belay glasses look dorky. There’s … More Best Belay Glasses for Climbing

Best Personal Anchor Systems (PAS) For Sport Climbing

One of the necessary pieces of equipment for sport climbing outside is a personal anchor system, or PAS. Popular examples of these PAS climbing safety systems include the Metolius PAS, the Petzl Connect Adjust, and the Sterling Rope Chain Reactor. In this article, we’ll review the need for a personal anchor system while climbing, alternative … More Best Personal Anchor Systems (PAS) For Sport Climbing

Gifts for Ice Climbers

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for our friends and family. If you happen to know someone into the crazy, maniac, madman sport that they call “ice climbing”, here are a few gifts that they might appreciate.