Rock climbers all across the world agree: climbing is one of the most fun activities one can engage in.

The thrill of pushing yourself on a hard route sport climbing, or the sense of adventure and risk that comes with more advanced trad climbing—these are the thrills that people spend their whole lives pursuing.


Unfortunately, many new climbers these days rock climb almost exclusively in rock climbing gyms. While climbing gyms are great fun and undeniably convenient, many climbers often find it hard to safely and successfully transition to outdoor rock climbing. They find it hard to move from the gym to the crag.

That’s where we come in.

Gym to Crag is simple and easy-to-understand

We keep our explanations short, to-the-point, and as free of confusing jargon as possible.

On this site you’ll find all the information and gear recommendations an indoor climber needs to start rock climbing outdoors. While there are plenty of sites out there with more detailed information, these tend to be written by hardcore climbers, for hardcore climbers. As a new climber, YOU DON’T NEED ALL THIS INFO. If you keep climbing, maybe you’ll get there one day.

But ALL of us began our climbing careers as curious youngsters.