Fun Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers


Crag Cards: Essential Climbing Knots

Climbing Knot Reminder Cards

Knots are a key part of climbing, but every single one of us is guilty of forgetting how to do basic knots from time to time. These Crag Cards will instantly rescue you from brain farts, with illustrations and instructions for 19 common and useful climbing knots. The cards are compact and laminated so you can throw them in your climbing pack without worrying about their weight or them getting destroyed by all the sharp metal gear they’ll be knocking around with.

A great addition to any climber’s equipment, and something they will undoubtedly appreciate.

Buy them for $7 on Amazon.

Rubber Grip Trainers

Rubber Climbing Grip Trainers

Climbers love to train. These little finger grip trainers are cheap and portable, meaning you can train at your desk, in school, on the tube, or wherever life might take you while you’re not climbing.

$9.99 for a pack of three on Amazon

Bongo Ties

Using Bongo Ties for Rock Climbing Shoes

These specialised rubber bands are incredibly useful — even for non-climbers. As a climber, I like to use them to compress my shoes together before throwing them in my pack. They are also great at compressing harnesses down to a smaller size.

Outside of climbing, they can be used for all sorts of things, like bundling neatly computer chargers. Made of super high-quality rubber that lasts for ages, Bongo Ties are guaranteed to delight anyone that uses them.

I recommend buying 30 or so — they’re THAT useful. Plus, your friends are definitely going to steal some. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

$6.99 for a 10-pack on Amazon.

The Freedom of the Hills

Good Books To Give To Rock Climbers

This one isn’t exactly “fun”, but it is extremely useful. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is a textbook for climbing, alpinism, and mountaineering. Hundreds of pages thick, it covers every aspect of mountain sports, ranging from basic camping systems to how to belay, to trad and ice climbing, to high-altitude expeditions. It’s filled with useful diagrams showing knots and safety systems.

This is a great reference, and a text every climber should have in their library.

$22 on Amazon

All I Care About is Rock Climbing Shirt

Funny Rock Climbing Shirt

A fun shirt that any climber is sure to appreciate. Hopefully, you can count yourself among those three people. Available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth.

$16 on Amazon.

Macbook Decal

Climbing Stickers

This clever laptop sticker from Laced Up Decals makes it look like a lead climber is hanging off the Apple logo. The sticker could also be used on a car windshield or similar, but it’s specifically designed to make it look like the climber is hanging off the Apple, which is kind of cool.

A great gift for a climbing-obsessed kid heading off to university.

$8.95 on Amazon.

Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

Blast some tunes while you Boulder or sport climb outdoors with this small, rugged speaker. It’s waterproof and has a loop you can slip a carabiner through to attach it to your harness, if you want.

Bluetooth speakers a a controversial issue in the climbing community, so remember to be considerate when using it. Keep the volume at a reasonable level, and try not to bother nearby climbers.

$60 on Amazon

Rock Climbing Coasters

Wood Climbing Coasters

Is your climber friend more of a himebody? Do they enjoy decorating their space and making a home? As long as your rock climber doesn’t live in a van, they’re sure to enjoy these hand-made rock climbing coasters, featuring four different lead climbing poses.

$20 on Amazon.

Don’t see anything you like?

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift certificate to your local outdoors store. Your friend is sure to have a piece of equipment they have their eye on — and $no matter how much you want to contribute, they’ll appreciate the help.

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