How to Lead Belay With A GriGri

Many climbing gyms require climbers use Petzl GriGris for top-roping. In fact, GriGris are quickly becoming the standard belay device for climbing gyms. We can safely say the GriGri is the best belay device for indoor rock climbing. However, when you decide you want to advance from top-rope rock climbing to lead climbing, things get … More How to Lead Belay With A GriGri

GriGri versus Click Up

Here is a very informative little video discussing the differences and advantages of two assisted-braking belay devices: the Petzl GriGri and the Climb Tech Click Up Belay Device. Petzl has recently released an updated version of the GriGri, so if you’ve been thinking about picking one up, now is the time!

Best Personal Anchor Systems (PAS) For Sport Climbing

One of the necessary pieces of equipment for sport climbing outside is a personal anchor system, or PAS. Popular examples of these PAS climbing safety systems include the Metolius PAS, the Petzl Connect Adjust, and the Sterling Rope Chain Reactor. In this article, we’ll review the need for a personal anchor system while climbing, alternative … More Best Personal Anchor Systems (PAS) For Sport Climbing